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Module: Dealer Web Access Module: Dealer Web Access

Comprehensive management to provide wholesale alarm events monitoring service. It allows the territorial expansion of your business, ensuring your Dealers the accounts maintenance and management. Includes enabling / disabling / and accounts edition according to user profile. Historical alarms reports and operators performance audit by the monitoring central manager. It optimizes the operator's time and gives more independence and autonomy to the Dealer. 


The SG module for Dealer Web Access is the solution that allows Dealers (companies that sell and install the alarm but do not perform the monitoring service) to have access to the Central Station system via Internet and carry out the subscription/cancellation process and the editing of their own accounts, checking of their customer's system status, to obtain reports and history reports of global events or reports per account, all of them customized with a logotype and their personal information. 

It optimizes the operator's time and gives the dealer more independence and autonomy. 

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