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Module: Technical Support Module: Technical Support

It's function is the integral management of customer technical support. It receives requests for services from multiple sectors; allows periodic preventive service routines to be programmed, technicians, vehicles and materials to be assigned; identifies costs and delays involved in each order; monitoring the execution step by step; evaluates productivity in a personalized way and keep statistics of different services. Therefore, generating strategic information from your company’s technical area.

With the integration of the SG Monitoring Module, the Operator may know the status of each account's pending services. It makes possible, for instance, in case of receiving several false alarms from the same zone, for the Operator to program a technical visit at that moment in order to check the failure or reported problem or to visualize if that service has already been requested by the client.

At the same time, by means of the integration with the SG MoneyGuard module for invoicing and collecting payments, after the service is performed, it automatically generates the new event so as to issue an invoice when applicable. In this way, the communication between the areas and the control over the service-invoicing is achieved.

After taking this action, the SG MoneyGuard module will proceed to invoice the service provided or will keep this information in the database of the system so as to invoice it together with the following month’s fee.

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