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SG Smart Panics NG
Smartphones provide a wide variety of possibilities as personal emergency notification devices. Therefore, this new SoftGuard module called SmartPanics allows you to increase the individual protection of your clients at the very moment that something that must be operated at the monitoring station happens to them.   The launching of this product is based on native applications for the following platforms: - Iphone iOS  - Android  - Blackberry 10  - Blackberry Os    Applications will be purchased directly by the end user in the Store/Markets of each provider at a very low cost. The new SG-SmartPanics module will be installed in the monitoring central station, within the SG-WebDesktop platform to address the management of devices, their correlation with monitoring accounts, graphical customization and management. Once the first connection to the monitoring server has been made, after the client installs the application, an automatic system will download a set of SETTINGS including a wallpaper with logotype to customize the look and feel of the user.     The events that will be generated will be: -SOS for panic or robbery -Medical emergency -Fire   In all cases the button will require being held for a fixed time period to prevent false triggering and the animated image will inform the user. Once sent, the button must once again be held for a predetermined period of time to cancel the sent requests.   Once an event has been sent, a new override button will allow the cancellation of the previous action to be sent to the operator at the central station. The events will be accompanied by the position of the device by the internal methods of the smartphone which are the location for the cellular network and GPS. This could be as accurate as a few yards. In SoftGuard Monitoring the event will be shown with an active location on the map.   The advanced video function will enable the reception of the image of the event taking place captured by the user’s smartphone cameras at the monitoring central station, once enabled by the user.   Maintenance functions and system testing will be included in the application settings menu, such as a TEST button which will send a manual test event from the user to the monitoring station.   Communications are MULTIVIA to ensure reception of signals.  The most widely used vias are the TCP-IP via employed either by the cellular data network or by wi-fi, and SMS when the data network is not available.       SG SoftGuard Panics multiplies the protection you give your clients, benefiting from the built-in capabilities of their smartphones.  
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Operating Platform
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