According to studies, by 2012 requests for security equipment will exceed $90 billion dollars. This is due to the fact that protection systems alternative to police, military forces and private security are sought.

According to the study, the largest gains in the market will be registered in Asia, East Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, due to the development these places are having. In the same way, it is foreseen that the largest number of sales will take place in China, Russia, Brazil and India.

On the other hand, in 2012 China will overcome Japan, the second largest market in security equipment in the world after USA; besides, growth in this segment is expected in Turkey, Indonesia and Israel.

Electronic security products will lead the sales over mechanic equipment, since new electronic generations have more capacity than the mechanic ones, and improvement in those systems will impulse the development of the market. 

In addition to this, the decrease in the value of electronic devices will have a positive influence on its implementation and commercialization, making these products affordable, so that they can be included in the different economic sectors such as construction, where a replacement for conventional mechanic locks is sought. The perfect replacement would be access control systems, one of the products that will be in greater demand, followed by CCTV, security equipment to prevent smuggling, electronic surveillance of articles equipment, and alarms.

The industrial/commercial sector is the market that consumes more security equipment, what will increase due to high business activity, what is also associated with the requirements for protection and the growth of the world economy.

On the other hand, in the governmental sector and in the institutional sector, defense will be promoted due to the greater security index present since 9/11, since government organs are the ones in charge of providing public security.

However, within the residential area a high development of security will be recorded, stimulated by the perception of risk by many residents.

In 2002, world demand for security was worth 42.1 billion dollars and last year it reached $62.1 billion, Western Europe being the main demander with 19.2 billion, followed by North America with $15.8 billion, Asia/Pacific with $15.7 and other regions with $11.5 billion.

In Latin America, for example, video security solutions are the most widely used, having increased 40% since 2004, and it is expected to continue this increase until 2011. According to data presented by MultiMedia Intelligence Consultant, the use of IP cameras increased by 50% in 2007 in relation to 2006, reaching 500 million dollars.

These solutions are being implemented in the citizen surveillance systems, in transportation, stores, production lines, companies and educational institutions, because not only do they record event, but also send alert signals when someone is trying to block or move them.

According to estimates, by 2012, demand for electronic security solutions will reach 90.5 billion dollars, Western Europe will continue being at the top, followed by Asia/Pacific, North America and other regions. 




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