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Module: Logger - Recording Calls Module: Logger - Recording Calls

All the central station's incoming and outgoing telephone calls are digitalized and recorded on a disc, and identified by caller-id (incoming calls) and by dialed destination number (DTMF Out).

This allows the operator to identify the call by client. Ongoing calls can be supervised, locally or via Internet, from any location. Searches can be conducted by date, time, incoming or outgoing number, client and/or operator’s comments.

All the central station’s incoming or outgoing calls are digitalized and stored on a disc or in the PC. The records may be related to the account and the event that gave raise to them, and by means of an efficient search filter the “audio clips” required may be retrieved.


The conversations are stored in MP3 format, which accounts for large savings storage space and practical reproduction and management of the files in the event that sending those files to the client to prove an action becomes necessary.


Likewise, it is an important tool for supervising the quality of the operator’s attention and response to the client.  

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