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G4S chooses SoftGuard for its global operations

March 4th, 2011

G4S, the leading company in the security market, has chosen Softguard to operate in its operative centers in Argentina, G4S Search, Paraguay G4S Wackenhut and in Brazil G4S Platech.


The most extensive and integral operational network in the region.

The 19 Latin American branches of G4S form an integrated group of operations, in which similar standards of service, know how, infrastructure and answer quality can be found.

In the region, you will be able to recognize them by means of the different trademarks: G4S, G4S Wackenhut, G4S Search, G4S Setecsa, G4S Plantech, G4S Segel and Armourgroup.

All of them form a unique operational network, whose synergies result in more than the simple addition of parts.

The branches are organized in specialized groups according to the different aspects that are part of the integral security problematic, where the best practices in each of the subjects are analyzed and developed.

The attention of regional and international corporate accounts by the different Latin American branches makes it possible for the clients to benefit from the generation of higher value when they manage to:

-unify interlocutors

-homogenize the operational processes and standards obtaining better results in their security programs.

-obtain synergies that accelerate the learning curve to learn more about their problems.

-simplify the administration of their security contracts.

-increase the commitment of its provider.


When getting to know G4S and its Latin American Group, you will find the best regional allied to protect the operations, staff and company assets.

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