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Combo: SoftGuard for Citizen Protection - Counties and Town Councils Combo: SoftGuard for Citizen Protection - Counties and Town Councils

Integral System of Alarms for Local governments and Public Organisms.

SoftGuard is a comprehensive alarm monitoring platform for Local governments . The SoftGuard system receives and manages the alarms events coming from fixed targets (residences, administrative offices, hospitals, schools, nurseries, etc.) and mobile targets (vehicles, guards patrols, etc.).

With the SmartPanics module you can provide an integral monitoring solution to its neighbors and will allow the municipality to invoice a monthly service to citizens.

In addition SoftGuard is compatible with communal alarm systems.


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Panic button · Alerts sent from Smartphones


Smartphones offer huge possibilities as personal emergency warning devices. They allow multiplying the citizens individual protection in a robbery, fire, medical assistance, gender violence situation or to prevent them.


The alerts sent by the neighbors through their smartphones will be received at the municipality's monitoring center through the Internet or SMS to be attended by the operators immediately.

These events will be accompanied by the position of the device by the internal methods of the smartphone and at the SoftGuard Monitoring module it will be shown with a location map to the operator. The advanced video function will allow the user to send an image from the smartphone camera.

In addition, the application allows bidirectional audio transmission through a call from the telephone line and SMS sending with the event data to be attended at the monitoring center.

Each neighbor can count on the application after being downloaded from the Stores or Markets corresponding to each company without the need to pay or buy an anti-panic button.

Community Alarm


A community alarm is an alarm system that is installed on a pole of each block of the neighborhood and is shared by a group of neighbors.


Each neighbor obtains a wireless remote control linked to the alarm system that will allow him to activate a siren, turn on lights and send a panic event to a monitoring center.

The alarm signal will be received and attended at the SoftGuard Monitoring system with the name of the user that operated it and position on the map of where the post with the alarm is located.

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