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Central de Monitoreo Digital

Dominican Republic

Central de Monitoreo Digital S.A. es a Dominican company that is devoted to remote monitoring of residential and comercial alarms with an armed response. This service is offered to final users as well as alarm installing companies.

Mr. Virgilio Alvarez Brache comments on his experience as SoftGuard user:

“The experience is excellent, people are warm and kind, always eager to answer questions. They are always ready to listen to us and solve any kind of problem.”

Which major advantages do you find in the processing of security events of your clients with SoftGuard in relation to the way they were processed previously?

“It’s been a radical change, changing from a DOS setting to a totally user friendly, fast and graphic system. This adds trust and security when responding to situations. This feeling is transmitted to our customers.”

What is your opinion about the attitude of permanent technologic innovation and the integration of all new equipments and electronic security monitoring services that SoftGuard proposes?

“It is an attitude that has been permenent ever since we’ve known SoftGuard. They are always improving their platform of services and keeping us updated regarding top technology.”

Finally, Mr. Alvarez Brache says:

“Having integrated SoftGuard in the operative core of our company has made it possible to obtain flexibility at the moment of providing services to our clients. It has been a change that led to success.”

Yours sincerely,

Virgilio Alvarez Brache

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Virgilio Alvarez Brache
Nombre y Apellido Virgilio Alvarez Brache
Position Executive Director
Experience He started working in the electronic security sector in 1997, founding the Central de Monitoreo Digital company in 1999 and working there till today.
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