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Module: MoneyGuard - Billing and Collecting Module: MoneyGuard - Billing and Collecting

It issues bills or fiscal records for services rendered to customers automatically, by ranges of clients or dealers, by groups or types of payments, on the basis of a table of rates and in the periods stipulated in each contract with the client. This system allows the user to follow up on payments and indicates the status of current accounts, payments received, and services that have been paid for or are awaiting payment. It also makes performing delayed payment reports possible, including notices to the monitoring operator.

The SG MoneyGuard Module was designed to automate the invoicing and payment processes and to link the system to the monitoring area under the same central database.

It performs automatic and manual invoicing of products and services, verifies that invoices have been performed for all accounts, checks for delayed payments and performs an automatic notification to the monitoring area (if a monitoring signal enters and the client has an outstanding amount, the operator will see a “debtor ” notice on the screen).

It also keeps a record of payments and allows for manual input of payments made in advance; it allows the user classify invoices by: zone, seller, payment recipient and % of commissions on sales for each seller. In addition, the “Invoicing news” tab can be created to invoice products or services that may not be related to the monitoring service, for example, the sale of a camera for CCTV, etc.

It also allows the uploading of products, services (by type), payment conditions (cash, 30 days from the invoice date, etc) and payment types (credit card, debit card, cash, bank deposit, check, etc).

This module also allows the management of merchandise stock for invoicing purposes (incoming, outgoing, and movement products); and issuing of reports: by client, invoice summary, client accounts by date, payment pending by expiration date, payments to be received, invoices issued by vendor,  payments received by recipient, cash transaction reports, expired debt report, etc.

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