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Alarmar Ltda.

How was your experience, as SoftGuard user, in relation to the support services received?

It was excellent. They are always attentive and open to their clients’ suggestions. This contributes to the release of updates and versions that may or may not satisfy those needs.


What do you think are the most important advantages in SoftGuard’s security event processing as compared to the form you processed them before?

It is a very easy-to-use and versatile interface. The automation of processes lets the staff of operators focus on the most priority and important issues.


What do you think of SoftGuard’s permanent technological innovation, and of the integration of all the new equipments and services of electronic monitoring security that SoftGuard offers?

It’s a very good thing. They are always exploring and integrating cutting-edge-technology solutions.


What are the main reasons that made you decide to implement SoftGuard?

Technology, usability, support, updates.


Describe your experience with the SoftGuard system.


Like I said before, it has let us automate processes such as time tracking (we do it by SMS), control of rounds and add value to our service and in this way, add additional income $$$.

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