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Alphaville Urbanism


In 1973, a surface of 500 hectares bought in Barueri was the starting point for the innovative design of the company. Originally conceived as a new model for the non-polluting industries, AlphaVille soon turned into a new concept. AlphaVille created an urban complex in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo and became a synonym of a different lifestyle. The installation of a multinational company changed the concept and even the name of AlphaVille from AlphaVille Industrial Center to AlphaVille Industry and Business Center. Other companies such as Sadia, Dupont and Confab followed AlphaVille. Due to the fact that the executives that worked in those companies wanted to live near their working place, residential AlphaVille complexes were created in 1975. It became an immediate success, what proved that the residential part was more important than the business part. That same year, Renato Albuquerque and Nuno Lopes Alves founded AlphaVille Urbanism. From that moment, the AlphaVille concept stopped being exclusive to the Sao Paulo metropolitan region: from 1997, AlphaVille is present in 16 Brazilian states. “Fast development can only be achieved with technical knowledge, negotiation capacity, administrative balance and drive to ensure the ongoing development of a model of business. For 35 years, the AlphaVille concept gave place to a differentiated style, which offers residents all the aspects related to quality lifestyle, security, entertainment, comfort, and contact with nature.  As time goes by, AlphaVille continues improving its concept, creating a self-management model, the philosophy that guides the AlphaVille,” explains Renato Albuquerque.

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