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Highland Park Country Club


Our company has been doing maintenance work and installation of security systems in the Country neighbourhood for two years. At present we are in charge of the security of 80 homes with alarm systems.

What has your experience as SoftGuard user been like in relation to customer service?

My experience as SoftGuard user in relation to technical service is excellent.

Which major advantages do you find in the processing of security events of your clients with SoftGuard in relation to the way they were processed previously?

Processing of events has changed a lot in relation to the old monitoring base the Country had.

Which are the key factors that made you change to SoftGuard?

Price, quality and technical support.

Describe your own experience with SoftGuard system.

My experience with SoftGuard system is one year old and it has been satisfactory.


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Nombre y Apellido Ing. Horacio Lopez de Murillas
Position Director
Experience Electrical Engineer, 25 years experience in the Electronic Security sector and founder of his own company 5 years ago. His company works on the integration of electronic security systems.
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