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Ledu Seguridad Electronica S.A. de C.V.


Mr. Enrique Lemus, general director, has made the following comment about SoftGuard system:

 “For us it is a pleasure to answer questions about SoftGuard because SoftGuard is not only a provider but also a friend and partner in this company success.

In Ledu we have managed to differenciate from other security companies by basing our service on seriousness, responsibility, kind treatment, reliability and quality. We have managed to make people see our name as a synomym of tranquility and warranty. The next 20 years of Ledu will be used to expand service all around Mexico.

Ledu’s philosophy is sharing and supporting all the people that make something better and more professional out of the security industry.”

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Enrique Lemus
Nombre y Apellido Enrique Lemus
Position General Director
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