Case Study

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Los Andes ProCredit Bank

Banco Los Andes ProCredit is a bank that offers integral financial services aimed at the development of the countries where they operate. They provide an excellent service to their customers and offer a broad range of banking products. Their credit operations are targeted mainly to the micro, small and medium-sized companies because they consider that those companies are the ones that create more jobs   and contribute more to the country’s economy.

Unlike other financial institutions, this bank does not promote credits for consumers, but they are focused mainly to provide socially responsible banking services and to create a culture to stimulate saving and long-term relationships with their customers.

Although the stockholders seek to obtain a sustainable return of their investment, their aim is not to obtain huge profits in the short term. They invest a considerable amount of resources in training their staff to create a nice and efficient work environment to provide the most attentive and competent service to their customers

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