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Tecnialarmas LTDA.


 Tecnialarmas Ltda. is an electronic security company founded in 1979. It founded the first monitoring central station in the Atlantic Coast in 1990 and it has installed more central stations in Barranquilla City. They have already installed over 2000 alarm systems.

What has your experience as SoftGuard user been like in relation to customer service?

“We have been SoftGuard users since 2007 and from that same year it has been our main platform. Since we started business with SoftGuard, we have received better comments in relation to support and sales.”

Has SoftGuard paid attention to your contributions to personalize or give new functions to the product that you require?

“Yes, SoftGuard has implemented some functions we required.”

Describe your experience with Softguard systems:

It has been very satisfactory. The system is very stable, fast and support is very efficient.”

Yours sincerely,

Marino Elmufdi

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Marino Elmufdi
Nombre y Apellido Marino Elmufdi
Position Technical Manager
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