Case Study

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Municipio de Tigre


The security cameras in Tigre city prevented the armed robbery in the street when activating the citizen protection system that allowed the immediate arrival of Tigre Police that arrested criminals and removed the gun.

From Tigre Operative Center, the Citizen Protection Secretary in Tigre identified three suspects. They were going to a bus stop located in Colectora de Panamericana and Av de los Constituyentes, Benavidez Tigre.

When the cameras operator saw that the suspects were not getting on the 60 bus and that their attitudes were suspicious, he activated the citizen protection system in Tigre.

The nearest patrol car changes its route and goes straight to that place. When the suspects see it they get very nervous, leaving the gun on the side of the bus stop.

Immediately, the police identify, arrest the criminals and take them to Tigre IV Benavidez Police Station.

Apart from the information provided by the security cameras in Tigre, the exact place where the criminals left the gun was identified, the Police check the gun and a witness sees how the police seize the revolver. Later the Police informed that it was a 32 caliber revolver.

Tigre is the first city that has installed security cameras in the whole town and the first measure Sergio Massa took when becoming the Mayor was the inauguration of the Operative Center in Tigre and a great municipal investment in the installation of security cameras. “We must multiply the eyes in crime prevention tasks so that the neighbors feel safe” Massa said.

SoftGuard provides equipment to C.O.T. (Centro de Operaciones Tigre)

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