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Chester electronics C.A.


Chester electronics C.A. offers monitoring services 24/7, 365 days a year. It is located in Venezuela.

Which major advantages do you find in the processing of security events of your clients with SoftGuard in relation to the way they were processed previously?

Our company had been working with SIS, running with DOS, so the advantages are unnumerable, some of them are the Windows setting, and at present, the platform of texts messaging what is an added value. In my opinion, SoftGuard should exploit this more and have more complementary functions, dispatch of massive messages, tariff system and personalization of events per user.

What is your opinion about the attitude of permanent technologic innovation and the integration of all new equipments and electronic security monitoring services that SoftGuard proposes?

I congratulate you on the constant search because it responds to new trends in the market and keeps us updated. This information helps us update out services and be leaders in the electronic security market.

Has SoftGuard heard your contributions to personalize or provide new functions that you require from the product?

We have been working with this platform for four years and I think that the text messaging part has come as an answer to our queries.


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Chester Ferrer
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