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Our CEO's visit to the Monitoring Companies Chamber in Cuyo

December 20th, 2010

As a starting point in SoftGuard management to support and strengthen its customers in the security sector as well as in the corporate sector in the region of Cuyo in Argentina, CEO Daniel Banda shared some business and comradeship meetings with CEMSEC authorities.


It is the Monitoring Companies and Electronic Security Chamber in Cuyo.

It was founded in September 2009 by businessmen in the sector and with the support of IDITS (Technological - Industrial Development and Services Institute)



Gathering companies in Cuyo to collaborate in the prevention of crime, by providing them with the latest technology in electronic security, and by improving the technical knowledge of our staff.

Reducing the level of false alarms filtering error usage so that the Police only help in real events, enhancing the already existing resources.

Informing society about what and how a security system works, as well as its correct installation

Caring for professional ethics


Executive Commitee:

President: Jose Marón Abdala (SEGURIDAD 101 S.R.L.)

Vicepresident: José Luis Calderón (WESTRONIC)

Secretary: Claudio Giunta (GISIS S.A.)

Prosecretary: Ernesto Tetilla (COVER SEGURIDAD)

Treasurer: Marcelo Sgarbossa (SISTEMAS DE SEGURIDAD)

Protreasurer: Alfredo Otta (SISTELEK)

Nominal Member 1: Dante Garcia (ALARMAS MPA)

Nominal member 2:  Mariano Zuloaga (PROLINE SEGURIDAD)

Nominal member 3: Cristian Antunez (XPRO SEGURIDAD)

Nominal member 4: Antonio Alessi (ALESSI SPORT CAR)


Substitute member 2: : Miguel Angel Keim (MAK COMPUTACION)

Substitute member 3: Miguel Bertotto (AUTORRADIO AYACUCHO)

Head auditor: Danilo Giol (NIPRO S.R.L.)

Substitute auditor: Antonio Tafanera (ART ELECTRONICA)

Marcelo Gimenez (24HS ON)

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