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Central de alarmas Procom

Central de Alarmas Procom is a company engaged in the purchase and sale, installation, maintenance and monitoring of security systems in their different modalities of communication, such as telephone, radio and Internet, as well as providing support to their clients with security guards, who act in case of an emergency.


How was your experience as SoftGuard user like in connection with the support received?

The quality of the service has always been good both in the reply to our questions and in the help in the implementation, as well as in the queries we made.

What advantages do you perceive in SoftGuard event’s processing as compared to the way you processed them before?

There are many advantages. In the past we worked under the DOS platform, which was monotask, and now we can attend to many events at the same time, send the report emails directly to the users and include maps, photographs, locate the support units etc.

What do you think of the permanent technological innovation and the integration of new equipments and monitoring of electronic security services   offered by Softguard?

The continuous efforts made by SoftGuard to improve the system and keep on the cutting edge are very important to us as well as the possibility to take advantage of the tools offered at present.

Describe your experience with SoftGuard system.

SoftGuard is an intuitive monitoring system that almost everyone with experience in monitoring software can use. It offers tools that help us to speed-up processes such as the generation of reports in different formats such as PDF, WORD, EXCEL, HTML and note pad, maps through google  maps, audible alerts and at the same time to tag the events in different colors for their easy identification on the screen.

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Lic. Edgardo  Montealvo Miranda.
Nombre y Apellido Lic. Edgardo Montealvo Miranda.
Position Systems Engineer
Experience In 1998 he started working at Central de Alarmas Procom as technical installer assistant. This gave him the opportunity to scale the different positions the company had, and in 2005 he started his studies at the Universidad Tangamanga as systems engineer. He completed the studies in 2008. In 2010 he was assigned the responsibility of the technical department as supervisor of the technicians engaged in the installation, and a few months later the company had a vacant position for a systems engineer, for which he was chosen and in which he works at present.
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