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SoftGuard's successful presentation in Bogota E+S 2010

October 8th, 2010

50 leading companies in the monitoring and electronic security sector took active participation in the presentation of SoftGuard seminar “Monitoring Whole Integration”, which was held in the A Chamber of Commerce in Bogotá.

Last Thursday 7th, SoftGuard gave the leading companies in alarm monitoring and security a concise and efficient summary of the latest and most advanced technologies available in the world in order to provide monitoring services and to show the way all of them are integrated with their SoftGuard Monitoring events management system.

The audience was really enthusiastic about the new VIDEO ALARM systems, the communication power with the customer the SMS BIDIRECTONAL automated in SoftGuard V8 modules gives, and the WEB modules that place the system user service level far beyond its regional competitors.

To learn how to implement SoftGuard in your organization and its benefits, write to:


Thank you.

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