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Condominio Ciudad Tres Marias


Many times pleasure, comfort and contact with nature must go hand in hand with a good security system that offers useful and efficient solutions without altering the appearance of the place. That was the differenciating point that made Yonusa and Ciudad Tres Marias housing complex in Mexico adopt SoftGuard monitoring solutions.

Ciudad Tres Marias is located in east Morelia, capital of the State of Michoacán, Mexico. Set in an area of hills, valleys and mountains, the complex was designed with the concept of a city inside another city, and it complies with all the required services, within an ecologic preservation surrounding and in contact with the environment.

It is one of the most exclusive and impressive real state developments in Mexico, where top advances in relation to urbanization, security, equipment and telecommunications meet, offering its residents the possibility to live in an ecologic habitat, full or colour and natural richness. One of the best golf courts in the country was built in that place, since it has 27 holes and the project was designed by one of the world’s best golf players: Jack Nicklaus. Besides, the condominium offers the possibility to enjoy an exclusive and elegant sports club that includes outdoor activities.

Keeping this exclusive place safe is not an easy task. That is the reason why, when it was time to implement monitoring software, Ciudad Tres Marias decided to incorporate different modules of SoftGuard solutions. The implementation includes satellite communication equipment, that permit the monitoring of ranches, the powered perimeter, the water distribution systems and floodgates and the lighting systems and electric distribution, among other things.

All these benefits will allow the future inhabitants of Tres Marias to live in a family, safe and warm environment, enjoying tranquility and harmony.


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