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Jumbo Retail


In Jumbo we have an objective, to make shopping simple. That is why our hypermarkets are built in wide and modern facilities, so that you have enough space to walk around and find the product and the price you are looking for.

Jumbo places national, regional and imported products within easy access to you. These products are top quality and price.

Our aim is that you are able to go shopping in a comfortable way, surrounded by kind staff, especially trained to serve you and provide you with excellent service at all moments. In order to make your experience complete, you will always find shopping centers next to Jumbo.

Years of effort, dedication and perseverance have assured Jumbo the experience and dynamism necessary to be constantly up-dated and a step ahead the competition.


In 1960 in Temuco City, in the south of Chile, a family founded a supermarket that, later, would be a pioneer in the history of supermarkets. Following this legacy, in 1976, Jumbo Kennedy, the first Jumbo hypermarket, in born in Santiago de Chile.

At present, Jumbo is made up of the Cencosud SA group, Easy, Unicenter, Palermo, Lomas Center, Quilmes Factory, San Martin Factory Outlet, Plaza Oeste, Las Palmas del Pilar, Parque Brown Factory Outlet, El Portal de los Andes, El Portal de Rosario, El Portal de Escobar, El Portal de la Patagonia, Almagro, El Portal de Tucumán and Trondor shopping centers, the Aventura Center Entertainment Centers and the Rincon Jumbo Restaurants.

The objective has always been the same one, to create a commercial concept, characterized for offering more variety of products than any other traditional market.

With the vanguard vsion of continuous growth that characterizes the company, the first Jumbo Hypermarket in Capital Federal was founded in 1982, together with the current Parque Brown Factory Outlet.

In 1988 Jumbo Unicenter is inaugurated in Martinez, Buenos Aires province, and the Shopping Center is enlarged to 12.700m2, counting with the first Department Store in Argentina. Jumbo Unicenter and the Commercial Center have 6400 parking places (4000 indoors), a food court for 1500 people, 14 cinemas and 25 bowling lanes, and offers its clients new entertainments alternatives and new wide spaces to have a unique purchase and leisure experience.

But inaugurations continue: Lomas Center (1993), San Martín Factory (1994), Jumbo Palermo Centro Comercial (1996), Plaza Oeste and Quilmes Factory (1997), Las Palmas del Pilar (1998), El Portal de Escobar (2000) and the first stores in the provinces of Neuquen, El Portal de la Patagonia (2000), in Mendoz, El Portal de los Andes (2001), El Portal de Rosario (2003) Jumbo Almagro (2004), el Portal de Tucuman (2007) and Tronador (2007).

In December 2002, Jumbo Palermo store was re-opened and, during 2003, the stores in Jumbo Quilmes and Moron were remodeled, focusing on customer satisfaction.

Cencosud has 11 shopping malls, 15 Jumbo Hypermarkets and 32 Easy shops where customers can buy anything they need for construction and homes in Argentina. Moroever, Jumbo Hypermarkets are in constant expansion, accompanied by a training plan for the personnel since development is constant and staff is recruited all the time as a fundamental factor to succeed in the organization. At present, Cencosud has 29.325 employees. 21875 of them belong to Jumbo. This is the reason why the challenge to face the future corresponds to all the organization as a whole and, in this way, the company continues stating that: “Jumbo gives you more.”


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