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IASSA is a security company that was born in 1990 due to the need to provide tranquility and safety to the inhabitants in the area. It takes part and gets worried about the community where it performs its activities, collaborating with intermediate organizations that work for the welfare of population, such as school meal providers, hospitals and other kind of organizations.

Engineer Rodrigo Avedaño has commented on his experience as SoftGuard user:

“So far we had been using DOS software and we were force, in a way, to look for a new one that could offer better benefits and connectivity with internet. That was the reason why we thought of SoftGuard. The software is stable and all the failures we had were solved, even many suggestions in relation to changes that we made at the beginning were implemented. Technical support is very efficient and they are always eager to listen to us and to help us.”


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Nombre y Apellido Ing. Rodrigo Avendaņo
Position Technical Manager
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