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Seguridad corporativa de Obregon


Seguridad Corporativa de Obregon was created in 1997 by Don Adolfo Martinez Arredondo. It provides surveillance and physical security services, alarm monitoring, selling and installation of electronic security systems, outfit sale and security equipment, among others.

 Which major advantages do you find in the processing of security events of your clients with SoftGuard in relation to the way they were processed previously?

“The most important advantage is speed in the interpretation of the emergency or active alarm signal that allows us to answer it more quickly.”

What is your opinion about the attitude of permanent technologic innovation and the integration of all new equipments and electronic security monitoring services that SoftGuard proposes?

“They have an excellent attitude regarding service and their concern about having users updated is permanent. They send us innovations to the products we have to simplify their handling.”

Describe your own experience as SoftGuard system user:

“Its usage simplicity has allowed us to eventually ask administrative staff to help the operator at the central station to answer some events, what has meant more efficient and fast customer service.”

Yours sincerely,

Adolfo Martinez Arredondo


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Adolfo Martin Martinez Arredondo
Nombre y Apellido Adolfo Martin Martinez Arredondo
Position General Director
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