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Costa Rica

HSBC group is committed to five basic business principles:

1.Being attentive to customer service,

2.Being efficient in relation to transactions,

3.Strong capital and liquidity,

4.Prudent loan policy

5.Strict expenses discipline.

Our business principles count with the support and commitment of our employees, who create last longing bonds with domestic and international customers, thus, team work is easier to be achieved.

HSBC also operates following certain business key values:

*The highest personal standards of integrity at all levels,

*Commitment with truth and loyalty in business,

*Hands-on gestion at all levels,

*Commitment with quality and with the competition,

*Minimum bureaucracy,

*Fast decision making and application,

*Placing the team before the individual,

*Adecuate delegation of authority with rendering of accounts,

*Fairness and objectivity of the employer,

*Varied team. Hiring and promotion of workers are based on merit.

*Commitment to comply with the spirit and specifications of laws and regulations wherever we do business,

*Sustainability by means of careful analysis of loans and investments, promotion of environmental practices and sustainable development and commitment with local communities.

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