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Bash is a company with over 120 years of experience in the security sector. It counts on a holding of companies where one of them, BASH Monitoring S.A., provides alarm signal and video monitoring service.

What is your opinion about the attitude of permanent technological innovation and integration of all the new equipments and electronic security monitoring services SoftGuard proposes?

“The constant concern for technologic innovation helps the monitoring business, since this advance goes hand in hand with the help our real customers need.”

Describe your own experience with SoftGuard System:

“Our experience with SoftGuard is already six years long. When it was decided to have a software change an important risk was taken in the technical and in the economic aspect, but as as time went by our trust grew because the queries we had were answered professionally by the SoftGuard team.”

Yours sincerely,

Jorge Hernandez

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Jorge Hernandez
Nombre y Apellido Jorge Hernandez
Position Monitoring Chief
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