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Geosystems c.a.


GEOSYSTEMS, CA, is a company that is devoted to the supply and installation of security systems with vanguard technology. This company has the most advanced equipments and products, what allows it to obtain the most optimal integral security design. This, joined to professional experts that provide advice in the field of protection and physical and electronic protection of commercial, industrial and residential places, makes GEOSYSTEM CA a highly competitive company.

What has your experience as SoftGuard user been like in relation to customer service?

“We have been using the technical support service since we purchased and implemented SoftGuard software, obtaining very good results and answers to our queries. This has allowed us to make necessary adjustements to improve the procedures in our Monitoring Central Station.”

Has SotGuard listened to your contributions to personalize or provide you with new functions you require from the product?

“Yes. Since we have been using SoftGuard software, we have needed to make adjustments and modifications in our system, so, we have asked SoftGuard to bear these changes in mind. On several occasions, we were told that those modifications would be taken into account for future upgrading in the software.”

“To end with, SoftGuard has improved and has contributed a lot to the imprevemen of the service we offer and has allowed us to innovate and create added values to our products, what places us in a top position within the alarm monitoring business in our region.”

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Nombre y Apellido Ing. César J. Rapposelli Carrasquel
Position President
Experience He graduated from Tennessee University, Knoxville, USA, as Nuclear Engineer in 1992. He worked a Supervisor of the Nuclear Investigation RV-1 Reactor from 1982 to 1985, specializing on physical and electronic security. In 1985 he created Positronics, specialized in Electronic Security Systems and Telecommunications. In 1991 he founded C&R Investments, specialized in Electronic Security Systems. In 2000, he created Geosystems, whose main objective is the supply and installation of Segurity Systems and Alarm Monitoring. Since then, he has been working as its president.
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