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Control 24

Control 24 is a company engaged in electronic security since April 2004. It is a supplier of Alarm Monitoring Services for resellers. Services are rendered exclusively through associated installers for them to implement it to their integral security system.

Its system is based on high-technology equipments and is operated by trained staff that has effective procedures to provide the appropriate response in the decisive moments.

What is your main characteristic as supplier of monitoring services?

In addition to the services, I understand all resellers’ suppliers make it in a similar way, I think our strength is the direct attention to the installer and the constant support to their doubts and problems. In addition, we offer the automation for the reseller with SoftGuard’s Dealer Web Access module to enable 24 hours online management.

What is your territorial coverage? After launching SoftGuard’s integral system for alarm management, our company was able to cover out resellers’ monitoring all around the country, with the inclusion of associated technology such as nodes receptors. Existent or receiver telephone lines are installed to those equipments, and they retransmit the signals to us through the LAN or the GPRS networks in back up form. In this way, the problem of the cost of long-distance calls from alarm centrals is solved for the final users.

How many systems did you assess before acquiring SoftGuard? We assessed several of them. The most important to me was that the people that answer, implement and solve the problems to be in our country. I did not want to make the same mistake again and purchase a soft to then find out there was none to help me deal with it. Later I understood that the problem was not in the location but in the provider, and that the really important thing is the service’s commitment policy. Today we implemented some modules from Miami and their response, both the local and the Miami one, was excellent.

Why did you choose SoftGuard? I was impressed by the number of people trying to tranquilize us in the change of software, both from the economic point of view, with their financing program and installments, and the technical one, with staff giving us the support needed to carry on. We had many clients and operators accustomed to work in certain manner and they collaborated in everything.

What modules do you think that differentiate this company from other proposals in the market? To us, the Web Dealer module is a key tool. The fact that our installer can reply to its clients’ questions as if it were the operator is not a minor question. Besides, the Technical Service module has let us rest assured in something that did not have the appropriate follow up in the past. In the near future we will link those modules together, something that will let us work with the maximum tranquility with our dealers and the relation with their clients.

How was the process involved in the installation and migration of data? The installation was easy. It was sent to the PCs assigned for the work, and when they were ready we went to Buenos Aires with the operators for a training course for beginners. The migration process taught me that the customers’ data has to be loaded correctly. When we made the change we realized that it was necessary to include  certain records in the tables, since we had to fix data due to the fact that the soft had a log for personal data and even the location of the coordinates, something we did not have before. Fortunately, SoftGuard gave us the chance to work with both softwares at the same time, and this helped us to pdate our system with not sudden changes.

How long did it take for you to see the operative difference with the new system? Did you solve the problems you had? The differences are infinite, thus every day we find something new. Not only did we solve the problems but also found a new market both in the services and in the technological fields.

What benefits did you obtain with the implementation of SoftGuard’s technology?
I reply listing the changes it brought, in three aspects: the technical issues, customers’ attention and business field. As regards the technical issues, working with SQL Server was a great progress. We had to adapt, but this let us make a backup without the need to go out of the system (something all those that work without SQL Server have to do).
If we have a problem with one PC, the others are not affected (previously, if one PC froze, soon the whole system froze, and it had to be restarted). All of this generated many problems for us in the past.

Regarding customer’s attention, we knew for the first time what it is that someone listens to your problems in specific cases or in specific issues with our soft. Now we have a dynamic system of tickets that lets us solve most of our queries. We also have training and e-learning for operators and courses for administrators. The company that sold us our prior software never sent not even a Christmas card or a presentation of their updates to us.

Lastly, regarding the business field, thanks to the IPReader and the implementation of the receptor nodes, we expanded our capacity for receiving signals. Now we receive signals from Formosa up to the south of the province of Buenos Aires and soon we will install one in Comodoro Rivadavia. I think it illustrates very well how the company’s growth was accompanied by the soft that had to be installed.

It would appear that our company’s growth is linked to the implementation of SoftGuard…

Like we said, one thing brought the other. In less than a year we increased our clients 30 percent, new dealers appeared and there is an additional percentage that we can accept now with the chance to sell with the newer technology that we did not have before.

Do you have support and updates from the manufacturer? Like I said, we do have support. At first it was difficult for me to use a ticket, that’s why we used the telephone and Skype more often, but then I understood how important it was to leave a track of my problem and the solutions received. Anyway, we still communicate through all the lines: ticket, telephone, e-mail, MSN, Skype… If it can’t be solved, we use VNC and they solve it wherever they are.


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