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Teleguardia Ltda.


Teleguardia Ltda, is an Electronic Security company, legally constituted 17 years ago in Colombia. Some of its strengths are alarm monitoring, vehicle satellite monitoring, and the execution of special projects such as CCTV, access control and perimetral protections.

What is your opinion about the attitude of permanent technologic innovation and the integration of all new equipments and electronic security monitoring services that SoftGuard proposes?

As users we always expect our supplier to be at the vanguard and a step ahead the rest, and SoftGuard knows about it since they have managed to integrate solutions catering for the needs of the market.

What has your experience as SoftGuard user been like in relation to customer service?

They have always been fast and efficient.

Describe your own experience with SoftGuard system

The concept of monitoring changed, moving from a simple DOS to a virtual, friendly and easy to handle platform. All these makes processes simple and effective.

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Nombre y Apellido Jaime Andres Guzman Toro
Position Operations Manager
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