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Red de seguridad


Red de Seguridad is a top level Spanish company. Some of the services they offer are: installation and maintenance of alarm systems in case of robbery and fire, CCTV systems, ant-theft systems, alarm receptor central station, surveillance services, among others.

Which major advantages do you find in the processing of security events of your clients with SoftGuard in relation to the way they were processed previously?

“One of the main advantages we found is the possibility to personalize and automatize that SoftGuard has provided in comparison with our old alarm gestion software, in which everything used to be much more rigid and manual and required more human intervention.”

What is your opinion about the attitude of permanent technologic innovation and the integration of all new equipments and electronic security monitoring services that SoftGuard proposes?

“That is one of the strong aspects of SoftGuard. The suites are a gear that never stops. Since installation, the number of new versions has not stopped.”

Which are the main factors that made you implement SoftGuard?

“There are many, we may mention: Good quality/price relation, modularity (the fact that the suite is made up of several modules allows the client to purchase the ones he needs), operative system and database engine running Windows and SQL.”

To end up, Mr. Angel Ruiz says:

“At present, the suite we are using is working perfectly well. We are very satisfied. Now we must look ahead and visualize we may achieve everything we want.”

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Angel Ruiz Fernandez
Nombre y Apellido Angel Ruiz Fernandez
Position Manager
Experience He obtained a degree in criminology in Valencia University. He has been related to private security since 1985. He founded this company in 1992.
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