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Chile - USA


Settled in Santiago de Chile, Corpbanca is one of the most important in Chile.

Corpbanca, also counts with companies that deal with financial and insurance activities for all areas of service to clients and companies. Besides, Corpbanca Venezuela is one of the five most important banks in Venezuela.

The challenge

Since its foundation, Corpbanca has made big efforts to priorize everything that is relative to its technology projects, becoming a model bank in Chile. As a multiple financial institution, its technology plans were never simple and the tools and applications were always chosen carefully by its technology managers.

The logic dynamism of modern business added to changes in technology has forced the institution to count with certain diversity of platforms and technologies within the institution itself.

The need to count on a new communication channel and take advantage from Internet as a fundamental channel for the search of information, data, documents, policies, processes and special functionalities, forced the heads in Corpbanca to start the search of a Software that is flexible and adatable enough to add fundamental values to its employees.

To do so, the Computer Department of the Bank selected FW Corporative Intranet, after having considered that such solution was the one that suited its needs best in relation to technology, Project terms and cost-benefit relation.

Corpbanca looked for a solution to certain fundamental objectives:

-improving internal communication

-improving operativity

-finding new functionalities and integrating the existing ones

-increasing its employees’ productivity

-implementing a workdesk for employees

-getting an easy-to-handle application due to the profile of the employees that need to administer the information


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